Entry #1

Sooo I'm now here!

2011-05-15 08:45:10 by Jinberry

Greetings! I just joined NG today, hoping to get some exposure and some feedback for my works. A bit about myself. I'm Australian, Libran, and gullible.

I'm an (aspiring) artist, wanting to work in the games, animation or film industry. I love to draw characters or some weird and wacky concepts, but I'm trying to branch out into different styles, techniques, or just whatever subjects. I'm open to a challenge and will fish my guts out just to achieve it. Don't worry I get them back. Most of them.

SO! I'm mostly going to upload random things at first, but you'll probably notice I'll upload more character-related stuff here. I'll be trying to do some concept work with environments and things as well, so keep an eye out.

I LOVE feedback, so please help me improve by providing me with some constructive criticism. I swear I won't curl up in a ball under a shower.
All the time.
While sucking my thumb.
While whispering lullabies to help me calm down.

I digress.

Anyone out there who wants to do a collaboration, wants a request for a drawing, critique, tips, or just wants to chat... GO AWAY!

KIDDING - KIDDING!! I'd very much LOVE to hear from you!

That's all from me for now, ciao!

Sooo I'm now here!


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2011-05-16 17:41:21

I assume you will be wanting to rview some flash now right? Head on over to my page for some rules on how not to get useless reviews.

Jinberry responds:

Not a very warm welcome, I would almost think this comment is uncalled for. :P


2011-05-20 05:06:54

Welcome to NG. Your art is really great. If you'd upload one more piece, I'll be able to scout you which will let you upload your art to the art portal.

The system is a little clunky at first, but you'll get the hang of it.

Jinberry responds:

Ohhh is that how it works? O_O I BETTER GET CRACKIN'!


2011-05-20 05:29:15

Yeah, you're going to encounter a lot of tools on here. Just the nature of it I guess. Awesome stuff. Keep it up!

Jinberry responds:

I can also tell that there are great people to counter the tools so it's all good! :)


2011-05-20 10:53:15

Love your art! Post more!


2011-05-20 13:10:00

Can you check to make sure all the pictures are checked off to be in the art portal? It's still telling me you don't have four pictures even though you clearly do :(


2011-05-20 15:41:59

Imp wants you-- he wants you BAD ;D
Welcome to NG!
I'm kinda sorta new myself so I can't really give you any protips or anything.
The art forum regs take a little getting used to. They're awesome despite being terribly blunt though :D
But yeah, you need four actual completed works, that you checked off as completed works when you submitted them, otherwise they're considered WIPs and don't count towards your minimum four pieces.
The system is in place so the Art Portal's frontpage doesn't get flooded with sketches and scribbles like DA :D
Hope to see more from you!

Jinberry responds:

Hey there! This place is great! I love the variety of people I'm seeing. Thanks for that pro-tip that you just gave there. Shows how noob I still am. :P


2011-05-20 16:41:01

I'm just being friendly to a new user that shows potential.

Jinberry responds:

D'aww! How sweet! =') Someone else has already scouted me, but I still wanna thank you for your offer!